Banana + Coconut Overnight Oats

I read an article yesterday about the politics of dieting in an office environment. According to the author, you will ultimately feel one of two things: bad about your own dieting efforts when you see another colleague eating well and seeing results, or ridiculed into eating chocolate/cakes/biscuits so as not to be typecast as an austere health nut for being on a diet.

I’m not convinced. Working in an office that has a 90/10 ratio of women to men you would be right in thinking there is a lot of diet chat going on a lot of the time. The girls I work with (who are all total babes, by the way) are conscious of eating well and are always sharing ideas and healthy recipes for the good of the group. It’s like being in a collective, or an eat clean version of Weight Watchers. When one person is doing well there isn’t another crying into the biscuit tin in the corner, and if someone isn’t happy with their own progress, well then someone gives them a recipe for raw brownies and hands them an avocado.

Having said all of that, this raw-eat-clean Weight Watchers collective of mine also has a serious sweet tooth. Not a day goes by where there aren’t biscuits, chocolates or sweets spread out and free for all. The difference here is that we don’t try and sabotage each other’s diets or pressure the girl doing the 5-2 to give in. If I want a biscuit, I have a biscuit, and no one else cares if I do so or not.

What I didn’t like about that article is that there was no mention of choice. Ultimately it is your choice, as an individual and free-thinking being to decide whether you want to eat a salad, or hit the gym, or eat chocolate. And if you work with people who are weird enough to be so consumed in your dietary habits that they try to trip you up along the way then unlucky you, and all I can say is come to work prepared.

Which brings us to breakfast, and an easy to make one at that. Oats are a great way to start the day the healthy way and keep you full up and away from those brownies, that is if you want to stay away. Enjoy!

Banana + Coconut Overnight Oats

Serves 2


45g old fashioned oats

360ml almond milk

75g unsweetened coconut flakes

1 tablespoon raw honey

1 banana

Blueberries to serve



  1. Add the oats, milk, coconut flakes and raw honey to a jar, close the lid and shake to mix. Chop the banana and stir into the oats. Refrigerate overnight.
  2. Serve cold or hot (heat on the stove with a splash of milk), topped with blueberries or whatever fruit you like.

Note: I use 1 part oats to 3 parts milk in this recipe, but if you prefer your oats thicker and creamier, use 1 part oats to 2 parts milk.