I live for travel, whenever I can get away I'll go. Besides the travelling itself one of my favourite things is anticipating travel; plotting a list of things to see, scouting out what to eat and where to eat it, finding out where the best bars or coffee spots in town are, and which neighbourhoods I need to really sink my teeth into. I like to to try and experience a new destination as a local might, and avoid tourist traps at all costs. Below you can find posts from trips I've made near and far - from Rome to NYC and everywhere in between - full of photos, travel stories and maybe even a few tips. 



In April 2015, coinciding with the centennial of the Armenian Genocide, I travelled to Armenia to visit my ancestral homeland for the first time. 



The Eternal City. Never have I been to a place as enchanting as this. Inside every building and down every cobbled street there is history to be found, and despite this Italian capital seeing over 4.2m tourists fill its hotels and ristoranti each year, if you look in the right places you can still find a slice of undiscovered Roman life. From eating cacio e pepe on a quiet street corner in Trastevere and spending warm nights roaming around Rione Monti, to hanging with the local boho-sect in Piazza degli Zingari and discovering a hidden (and the best) pizzeria, this trip to Rome was one of the best I've had in Italy. They say that even a lifetime is not enough to see Rome, and I couldn't agree more.  




Copenhagen is one of my favourite destinations in Europe. There isn't much to see by way of tourist attractions, but that's what adds to its charm. This quirky design-city is perfect for walking (or biking) around and exploring; the style and shopping is excellent, the food scene is mega, and the drinking dens will keep you up all night. 


New York

There's something about this city. It draws you in and spits you out leaving you lost and wanting more. I felt nostalgic for this place before I had even stepped foot on its gum-speckled side walks. Now that my brother resides in this beaut of a city I've been able to visit more often and discover the best it has to offer, one doughnut and dive bar at a time. 


Benahavís, Spain

This small village is hidden amongst the gorges and mountains of Southern Spain, a short distance inland from the coastal resort of Marbella. White-washed houses and bursts of colour line cobbled streets on a patch of a sun-kissed mountain - bliss.  


Tromsø, Norway

I travelled to Tromsø in December'13 for 10 days of exploration and adventure. During the winter months and due to its Arctic location, Tromsø doesn't see sunlight, instead the city and region is encased by a blue, almost eerie twilight. From hiking up snow-capped mountains, dog sledding through the vast white plains of the Lyngen Alps, to experiencing the beauty and wonder of the Northern Lights for the first time, this is a trip that I will never forget.