A Road Trip Through Italy

In mid-August I took a backpack, my best friend and a camper van and drove over 1,500km through Italy. 

Without a real agenda or a specific route, we set off from Venice with the sole aim of trying to get as far south as possible in seven short days. Our ride was completely ridiculous, a 5-seater safari camper painted a mix of garish yellow and orange, emblazoned with 'assassins do it from behind' on the back. I pretend not to have completely loved it.

We made 14 stops (Venice - Florence - La Spezia (+ Cinque Terre) - Viareggio - Tarquinia - Naples - Sorrento - Capri - Nerano - Amalfi Coast - Salerno - Rome - Venice) and lived off a diet that was 90% carbohydrates. We camped, we beached, we drank a spritz in every place, and we bombed it back to Venice from Salerno on the last day.

Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road.
— Jack Kerouac